Tequila Times

Learn to mix 3 Refreshing Tequila Cocktails
Apple and Spice, Tommy’s Margarita, Paloma

375ml Tequila

Kit Includes:
Agave Syrup
Q Mixers Grapefruit Soda
Apple Juice
Lime Juice
Cinnamon Syrup
Mini Tabasco Bottle
Dehydrated Apple Slice
Dehydrated Orange Slice
(1) Clothes Pin

Perishable Items (guests to purchase):
(2) Limes

Kit Ingredients
Spirit (s)
Mixology Mixer Bar Tool Kit
1 Hour live virtual Mixology Class with Bartender
Shipping and handling

$175 per person + tax 

*For groups of 12 guests or less there will be an additional $350 fee for the 1 Hour live hosted virtual Mixology Class

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