Spritz Around the World

Feelin' spritzy from head to toe. Start the day with a smile, end it with a Spritz or two or three. With this kit you'll receive all the necessary ingredients needed to learn to mix three spritz cocktails, the French Spritz, Italian Spritz, and Nordic Spritz.

375ml Sparkling Wine

Kit Includes:
4 oz Apricot Syrup
4 oz Lemon juice
Q Mixers Grapefruit soda
Strawberry jam
San Pellegrino Limonata
Dried Edible Lavender
Dried Blood Orange Wheel
Swedish Fish
(1) Metal Skewer
Recipe Card

Kit Ingredients
Spirit (s)
Stainless Steel Stirring Spoon
Stainless Steel Jigger
Domestic Ground Shipping and handling

$175 per person  + tax 

* For the one hour virtual mixology mixer and the mixologist there is an additional one time fee of $350.