Q:  Are there any states you cannot ship alcohol to? 
We cannot ship alcohol to the below states, however we can ship non alcoholic kits though! 
    Rhode Island
    No US Territories

Q:  Can you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?
Yes, but only non alcoholic kits and there will be an additional $55 per kit for shipping.

Q:  Does someone 21 years or older need to be present to sign for the delivery?
A:  Yes. 

Q:  How will I get all the mixers, tools, & ingredients for the cocktail or recipe?
A:  Mixology Mixer will send you all of the necessary items to make each cocktail or recipe, including the recipe card. All you need to supply is glassware and ice.

Q:  When I join the virtual mixology class what will I learn?
A:  Depending on the package that your company or group purchases you will learn how to make one to three custom cocktails, including garnish and final presentation.

Q:  Can we ask questions?
A:  Of course - feel free to chime in with any questions you might have as the mixologist is making the cocktail, BUT please note that there will be time designated at the end of the mixer for Q & A.

Q:  Can we improvise or leave out ingredients?
A:  Absolutely - mixology is an extension of the individual making the cocktail. If you don’t like cinnamon - then leave it out. If you prefer lime juice to lemon juice - give it a try. No one is judging your creation but you.

Q:  Do I need to chill the alcohol?
A:  Yes and No, Sparkling wine should be nice and cold. Vodka, gin, tequila (and other spirits) can all be at room temperature to start and will get chilled in the mixing process.

Q:  When will my package arrive?
A:  Packages typically arrive two days prior to your Mixer

Q:  Can we add any custom items to our kit?
A:  Of course! Our fulfillment center is located in Miami and we are happy to source any items or have you ship them directly to our facility to include.

Q:  Is there a non- alcoholic alternative?
A:  We are happy to discuss mocktail options or leaving out the spirit.

Q:  Can you also ship internationally?
A:  We can ship non alcoholic kits, but cannot ship alcohol. 

Q:  Do you service the UK? 
A:  Yes, we have an incredible partner locally who can assist with all kit needs.