The Classics

Learn to mix 3 distinct martini cocktails with Gin
Dirty Martini, Gin Gin Mule, Cherry Gin Fizz

750ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin
375ml Dry Vermouth

Kit Includes:
Q Mixers Ginger Beer
Lime Juice
Ginger Syrup
(2) Mint Tea Bags
Simple Syrup
Candied Ginger
Filthy Black Cherry
Filthy Olive Brine 
Filthy Pimento Stuffed Olive
Filthy Blue Cheese Stuffed Olive
Filthy Maraschino Cherry
Cherry Soda
(3) Skewers

Kit Ingredients
Spirit (s)
Mixology Mixer Bar Tool Kit
1 Hour live virtual Mixology Class with Bartender
Shipping and handling

$175 per person + tax 

*For groups of 12 guests or less there will be an additional $350 fee for the 1 Hour live hosted virtual Mixology Class

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